February 2018

Case Study - We Can: Campaign on violence against women

Orlanda Siow

One of 14 short case study summaries which were written by Orlanda Siow of UCL. They focus on development programs that aim to be both politically informed and gender aware. See From Silos to Synergy for a synthesis of the lessons that emerge.

We Can has been a successful viral campaign to change attitudes and beliefs about gender and violence against women (VAW). The campaign has been led by hundreds of organisations across sixteen countries. It has used a ‘change maker’ approach, encouraging participants to make “a pledge to reflect on one’s own practice, end VAW in one’s own life and to talk to 10 others about it”. While the first phase of the campaign focused on recruiting change makers, the second phase aimed to support them in deepening change. By 2011, the program had signed up approximately 3.9 million change makers (of which about half were men), and 7.4 million people had participated in related activities.


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Case Study - We Can: Campaign on violence against women

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