February 2011

Overview and Objectives: The Developmental Leadership Program

Steve Hogg, Adrian Leftwich

The Developmental Leadership Program (DLP) addresses an important gap in international thinking and policy about the critical role played by leaders, elites and coalitions in the politics of development.

Current development thinking tends to focus on institutional change, policy reform and structural adjustment in the economics and politics of developing countries. By contrast, the DLP’s growing program brings together government, academic, business and civil society partners to explore and promote the role of human agency in the dynamic political processes of development.

DLP addresses the policy, strategic and operational implications of ‘thinking and working politically’ – for example, how to help key players (both individuals and organizations) solve collective action problems, forge developmental coalitions, negotiate effective institutions, promote successful policy reforms and build stable states.


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Steve Hogg

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Overview and Objectives: The Developmental Leadership Program

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