Richard Robyns

Richard Robyns

Richard Robyns is an education consultant who is experienced in delivery, monitoring, and reporting on education projects that focus on the delivery of Design Based Research and Theory of Change Professional Development and Leadership models. He has undertaken Technical Advisory roles in the Cook Islands, Vanuatu, and Solomon Islands and educational research and professional and education systems development roles in Tonga and the Republic of the Marshall Islands. Richard has a critical understanding of a range of education projects in the Pacific and is familiar with the educational leadership development model used across a range of Pacific countries through University of the South Pacific (USP) Institute of Education’s school leadership and education policy qualifications.

Richard’s work demonstrates results-focused practice, including development and implementation of results-based and evaluative frameworks, qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis tools. He is effective at enabling stakeholder engagement and relationship management across education and TVET sectors, government agencies, industry, community bodies, non-government organisations and tertiary providers across a range of Pacific Island settings. He is also experienced in developing workforce development and qualification frameworks, industry and education strategic needs analysis, and quality assurance systems.


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