Ramona Vijeyarasa

Ramona Vijeyarasa

Dr Vijeyarasa is a leading gender equality scholar whose research has helped shape thinking in the areas of migration and trafficking, human rights, and international women’s rights. She is a Chancellor’s Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in the Faculty of Law at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) where she has designed a “Gender Legislative Index” to assess the gender-responsiveness of domestic laws. She is the author of Sex, Slavery and the Trafficked Women: Myths and Misconceptions about Trafficking and its Victims (2015) and more than twenty other peer-reviewed publications on law and gender issues.

Before joining UTS, she held several positions related to women’s rights in international organisations, non-profits and international NGOs. Dr Vijeyarasa’s international human rights activism has included advancing anti-trafficking victim reintegration networks in Vietnam and Ukraine; filing briefs before the European Court of Human Rights, the Supreme Court of Moldova, and the Supreme Court of the Philippines; making submissions to UN treaty bodies; and overseeing research and programming on women and youth in urban spaces. This rich experience informs her impact-driven approach to research, which creates sound methodologies to deliver tangible societal change and improve lives through the law.


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