George Carter

George Carter

George is a Research Fellow in Geopolitics and Regionalism at the Department of Pacific Affairs, at the Australian National University (ANU). His research interests focus on foreign policy making in the Pacific Islands and their relationship with Australia, as well as the geopolitical security interests in the region around climate change and environment, human security and cyber-security.

George completed a Masters of Arts in International Relations with Honours, and a Masters of Diplomacy at ANU under an Australian Awards scholarship, and subsequently received the Prime Minister’s Australia Pacific and the DPA Pacific Scholar Award. He is also a graduate of Victoria University of Wellington with Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Pacific Studies. Prior coming to Australia, he was the Political Advisor at the U.S. Embassy in Apia.

George’s research and teaching interests are informed by his education, work experience in the Pacific and upbringing through his proud Samoan Tuvaluan, i-Kiribati, Chinese, British ancestry. He serves his family and village in Samoa, where he holds the matai/chiefly title of Salā.


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