Demetria Malachi

Demetria Malachi

Demetria Malachi originates from the Marshall Islands; a ring- like shaped atoll called Majuro, and lives in a small and quiet town called Laura. She is the eldest of three and the only daughter in the family, and is married with a ten year old daughter.

Demetria has lived on Majuro for 28 years, and spends her time at work with her students and home with her family. Her hobbies are cooking, reading and playing volleyball.

Demetria went to grade school at Rita Christian Elementary School before attending Laura High School, then continuing her education at the College of the Marshall Islands. Afterward, she was recruited by the Ministry of Education to work as a classroom teacher. She has been working as a classroom teacher for almost 7 years and during her teaching year, Demetria decided to pursued her education at the University of the South Pacific and earn a bachelor degree in education.

She was elected to take the GCSL courses along with school leaders on the Island, through which she learnt a lot from her colleagues. She completed her GCSL courses this year and was provided with the opportunity to mentor the next cohort, for which she is very feels very fortunate.

Demetria is still planning to pursue higher education because she wants to gain more knowledge and give back to her country a great future for the upcoming generations.


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