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Wednesday 30th April, 2014

DLP is delighted to be participating in this conference, which will be hosted on 30 April 2014 by KPMG and the UNDP Global Centre for Public Service Excellence. We will give a major presentation of DLP findings to inform discussion.

Monday 28th April, 2014

On 28 April, DLP Research Fellow Dr Niheer Dasandi will give a talk at UNDP's Global Centre for Public Service Excellence in Singapore. He will ask: how can the interaction between politicians and bureaucrats help to foster successful policy reform?

Tuesday 22nd April, 2014

Experience from DLP's research stream on higher education will be shared with policy makers and academics at a workshop in London on 22 April 2014.

Wednesday 16th April, 2014

A new DLP Research Paper by Professor John T. Sidel (LSE) highlights the important role of coalitions in achieving and implementing reforms in the Philippines.

Tuesday 15th April, 2014

On 15 April 2014, DLP will host a panel on 'The Primacy of Politics in Development' at the Political Studies Association conference in Manchester, UK.

Tuesday 8th April, 2014

DLP has begun a new phase of work led by the University of Birmingham, with funding in place until 2017. The new research grant marks a first step towards the consolidation of DLP as a global partnership.

Friday 28th March, 2014

This open access article in the journal Governance, by DLP senior researcher Claire Mcloughlin, unpacks the theory and evidence on the relationship between service delivery and state legitimacy in fragile and conflict-affected states.

Thursday 27th March, 2014

What role does the international system play in producing poverty around the world? In an article in 'New Political Economy', DLP research fellow Niheer Dasandi draws on network analysis to examine this surprisingly neglected question.

Tuesday 25th March, 2014

A new DLP Research Paper highlights the important role of quality secondary and higher education in forming developmental leadership in Ghana.

Tuesday 11th March, 2014

How has aid affected the development of two Pacific universities? A seminar paper and podcast by Scott MacWilliam (11 March, Australian National University) are now available.

Tuesday 4th March, 2014

From the most murderous city on earth to 'a new global standard for urban policy': Kate Maclean's DLP Research Paper unpacks the politics of change in the wake of crisis.

Tuesday 4th March, 2014

'Room For Maneuver' explores the politics of social sector policy reform in the Philippines. The book, co-edited by the late Adrian Leftwich, highlights lessons for reform advocates.

Wednesday 12th February, 2014

What motivates public servants to work well? The UNDP Global Centre for Public Service Excellence (GCPSE) and the GSDRC are hosting the first of a series of online discussions on reinvigorating the public service.

Friday 24th January, 2014

We were delighted that over 100 scholars and development practitioners joined us for the Adrian Leftwich Memorial Conference on 24 January. We commemorated DLP's founding Director of Research with a fascinating day of reflection and discussion.

Wednesday 1st January, 2014

Why did the civil wars in Somaliland end while Somalia's continued? This new DLP Research Paper asks why large-scale violence was resolved in the internationally unrecognised 'Republic of Somaliland' but not in the rest of Somalia.

Thursday 12th December, 2013

Welcome to our new blog on politics, power, policy and developmental leadership. Current features include leadership beyond 'The Leader' and Gender - the power relationship that political economy analysis forgot.

Friday 6th December, 2013

Heather Marquette and David Hudson, DLP's directors of research, reflect on the inspirational achievements of Nelson Mandela - who embodied developmental leadership.

Friday 15th November, 2013

The PSA Development Politics Group and the University of Birmingham's International Development Department jointly hosted a workshop on the 15th November 2013. This explored the '(re)politicisation' of development studies and the need to move beyond criticism to constructive engagement with policy makers.

Friday 25th October, 2013

CLOSED. This post will support the management of DLP and GSDRC - both major research initiatives. It is a full-time role based at the University of Birmingham. Apply by 4 November.

Wednesday 23rd October, 2013

CLOSED. Are you a skilled communicator and editor with an interest in research communication? Join us as we develop an expanded communications strategy to help make DLP's research findings more accessible to decision-makers. This part-time role will be based at the University of Birmingham. Apply by 4 November.

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