Policy and Practice for Developmental Leadership

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Program Management Team

Director of Research – Dr Heather Marquette

Dr Heather MarquetteHeather Marquette is Reader in Development Politics in the International Development Department, University of Birmingham. A political scientist by training, she has extensive international experience in research, policy advice, consultancy and training on the politics of development, governance, corruption, political analysis, and aid policy.

Her research includes work on Afghanistan, Ghana, India, Kenya and Nigeria. Her work has been published in Third World Quarterly, Political Studies, and Public Administration & Development, among others, and she is the author of Corruption, Politics and Development: The Role of the World Bank (Palgrave Macmillan).

Heather is also Academic Director of GSDRC (formerly known as the Governance and Social Development Resource Centre). GSDRC is a research and knowledge management centre specialising in governance, social development, humanitarian and conflict issues. It is funded primarily by DFID, AusAID and the European Commission, as well as the World Bank, Commonwealth Secretariat, UNDP, NORAD and others. 

Deputy Director of Research – Dr David Hudson

Dr David Hudson David is a Senior Lecturer in Political Economy in the Department of Political Science at University College London (UCL). His main research interests lie in the political economy of development: public engagement with global poverty, the international political economy of development finance, and the politics of development.

David is continuing research, begun with the late Adrian Leftwich, to develop a 'political analysis' tool for development agencies seeking to understand the politics of a country, sector, or issue. The tool builds on and departs from existing 'political economy analysis' in that it seeks to develop what it means to 'think and work politically' with an emphasis on the role of agency, structure (and their interaction), power, ideas, and contingency. David's research is methodologically pluralist – qualitative and quantitative. Its approaches, guided by the question at hand, include surveys, media, network and social media analysis, as well as experiments, text analysis, interviews and focus groups.

David has published in a range of journals, including the Journal of International Development, Political Studies, Contemporary Politics, and The International Journal of Development Education and Global Learning. He has also given evidence to the UK Parliament's International Development Committee.

Program Manager – Heather Lyne de Ver

Heather's research interests include theories of developmental leadership, the impact of leadership training on developmental outcomes and the relationship between research, evidence and policy. She holds an MSc in International Development from the University of Bristol, and has written DLP papers on conceptions of leadership, on leadership, politics and development, and on leadership development programmes. Heather joined DLP in 2007, and is based at the University of Birmingham.

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