Tim Kelsall

Tim Kelsall

Tim Kelsall is a Research Fellow at the Overseas Development Institute in London. He specialises in political economy analysis and political anthropology, and has interests in governance, democracy, transitional justice, economic growth, education, and health. He has worked in several developing countries, including Tanzania, Sierra Leone and Cambodia. He holds a PhD from the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies.

Prior to joining ODI, he taught politics and development studies at the universities of Oxford and Newcastle, and edited the journal African Affairs. He has published extensively on issues of politics and development in Africa and Asia. His latest book is Business, Politics, and the State in Africa: Rethinking the orthodoxies on growth and transformation (Zed Books, 2013).


Authoritarianism, democracy and development

27th November 2014

What does the evidence say about whether giving aid to a high-achieving authoritarian regime makes good developmental sense? 

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Is developmental patrimonialism a dead end?

27th September 2016

The key role of leadership succession rules and effective institutions in sustaining the success of high-growth autocracies.

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How can a high-growth autocracy become a democracy without derailing growth?

28th September 2016

Understanding how to make democratic transitions as economically painless as possible.


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