Suda Perera

Suda Perera

Suda is a DLP Research Fellow based at the University of Birmingham's International Development Department. Her doctoral thesis examined the role of Rwandan refugees in the conflict dynamics of the eastern Congo. Suda’s current research focuses on the role of non-state actors in developmental leadership. For example, she is examining how armed groups in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo can be transformed into legitimate political actors who provide wider representation for marginalised citizens. 


Being 'there': reflections on fieldwork in the DRC

5th November 2014

Fieldwork in fragile places part 1: the security dilemma

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Being 'there': Bermuda Triangulation

6th November 2014

Fieldwork in fragile places part 2: data difficulties

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Shuffling the decks: quick fixes versus long-term stability

22nd January 2015

Guest post for Development Progress on 'post-conflict' DRC

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Research methods and marshalling messy data: Dear Diary

2nd September 2015

The benefits of an old-fashioned research diary

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