Rosita Armytage

Rosita Armytage

Dr Rosita Armytage is Research Fellow focusing on the qualitative aspects of the 'Islands of Integrity' project in the International Development Department at the University of Birmingham.

Her current research interests are elite networking and alliances; the globalisation, and sometimes localisation, of major business and investment practices; and the informal structures which entrench and reproduce inequality.

Rosita has twelve years' experience as a development practitioner working on governance reform projects across Asia, primarily with The Asia Foundation, AusAID, and the East-West Center. She holds a PhD in Anthropology from the Australian National University, Canberra.



Corruption research: Hunting for glimmers of light in the gloom

25th July 2017

Why it can be hard to start a conversation with the people who might know what really works in the fight against corruption.

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