Priya Chattier

Priya Chattier

Priya Chattier is a Research Fellow in Gender at the Australian National University’s State, Society and Governance in Melanesia Program (SSGM). Previously, she pioneered and headed the University of the South Pacific’s first gender studies program. Priya’s work involves both academia and activism. Her areas of focus include gender equality in political governance, women’s economic empowerment, gender relations, Hindu womanhood and Hinduism, and social change in Fiji and other Pacific Island countries. She holds a PhD in sociology from ANU.


Fiji's Roshika Deo - outlier, positive deviant or simply feisty feminist?

1st February 2016

Priya Chattier will speak at DLP's 2016 Annual Conference. Her post here begins a short series on the conference theme of Power, politics and positive deviance.

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