Kate Maclean

Kate Maclean

Kate Maclean is Lecturer in Social Geography at Birkbeck College, University of London. She is a feminist geographer who explores the way that development, economic and financial theories and policies recreate, challenge and impact upon gendered concepts, identities and experiences. Her research in Bolivia, Colombia, Mexico, Mali and Burkina Faso has focused on microfinance, rural livelihoods, the financial crisis, contraband and urban regeneration, mostly with a focus on Latin America.  Her new book, Social Urbanism and the politics of violence: the Medellín Miracle, discusses the political processes behind the transformation of the Colombian city once declared the most dangerous on earth.


The Medellin model: don't forget the political processes

2nd November 2015

Medellin's transformation has not just been a technical fix. The political changes behind social urbanism are an essential element of understanding what has happened in the city.

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