Jonathan Fisher

Jonathan Fisher

Jonathan’s research is focused on the relationship between Western aid donors and developing states. Within this he is particularly interested in how donors ‘construct’ perceptions of foreign governments and key concepts (e.g. 'fragile state') in international development. He is also interested in the extent to which these ‘knowledge construction’ processes are influenced by external actors and bureaucratic structures as well as by policy-makers themselves.
Jonathan is particularly interested in Africa and wrote his doctorate on the Ugandan-donor relationship between 1986-2010. Current research projects he is working on include:
  • Uganda as a 'fragile state' in donor agencies and international politics
  • 'Enemies' and state-building in eastern Africa
  • Donor uses of 'political economy analysis' in policy-making
  • Budget support and political conditionality.


Forgotten South Sudan tangled in factionalism and failed politics

4th September 2014

A toxic blend of complex historical identity politics and short-term elite politicking

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