Edward Laws

Edward Laws

Edward Laws is a development theorist and political consultant who has written extensively on political settlements in fragile and conflict-affected areas. He has worked as a researcher with DLP, the D Academy and ODI. His primary research interests lie in the politics of development, state-building, peace buildings, and in the political analysis of donor activity. He is continuing his interest in political settlements by applying the framework to debates on universal health coverage. He has a PhD in politics from the University of York.


What do we do on Monday? Political settlements in theory and practice

15th July 2015

The political settlements framework can seem a distraction to some practitioners, many of whom have been thinking and working politically about development for a number of years. They find the term difficult to define with any precision and, in any case, quite unnecessary. In the real world, progress towards better understanding of and engagement with the political conditions which help and hinder development has been ticking along nicely, independently of the academic debates.

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