Chris Roche

Chris Roche

Chris is Associate Professor and Chair in International Development at La Trobe University in Melbourne, where he is also Director of the Institute for Human Security and Social Change. He has over 25 years’ experience working for international NGOs as a project manager, evaluator, policy researcher and director.

He is particularly interested in understanding how social change happens, who is involved, and how the effectiveness of attempts to promote change is understood and assessed. His research interests also include complexity, power and politics; leadership, networks and coalitions; the role of civil society and International NGOs; and poverty, gender relations and inequality.


Innovation: transactional or transformative?

23rd March 2015

Given the fascination with 'innovation' in the field of development, it's time to discuss what the word might mean.

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Cancer and the links between medicine and development

15th April 2015

Guest post for From Poverty to Power

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Taking the Results agenda to the next level?

15th July 2015

On new book The Politics of Evidence and Results in International Development

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Identifying rebels with a cause (and effect)

1st December 2015

'Power, politics and positive deviance' is the theme of DLP's 2016 annual conference.

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Politics, risk and development: three takeaways

19th February 2016

Reflections from two conferences

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What is transformative leadership?

15th April 2016

Guest post in University World News

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Overcoming premature evaluation

15th November 2016

Guest post in From Poverty to Power

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Gender analysis, and thinking and working politically – bridging the gap

14th February 2017

Guest post on Devpolicy  introducing panels at this week's Australasian Aid Conference

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