Ceridwen Spark

Ceridwen Spark

Dr Ceridwen Spark is a Vice Chancellor's Senior Research Fellow at Melbourne’s RMIT University in the Centre for Global Research in Global, Urban and Social Studies. Her research focuses on gender and social change in the Pacific, gender and education, gender and leadership and gender and spatiality in urban areas. 

After completing her PhD in Indigenous and Gender Studies at Monash University, Ceridwen held a number of postdoctoral fellowships at Monash University, Victoria University and in ANU's State, Society and Governance in Melanesia Program (SSGM). Her research has examined subjects such as cross-cultural interaction in PNG, medical research on kuru, gender and education in PNG and international adoption. Since 2007, Ceridwen has focused on investigating the experiences of women leaders and educated urban women in PNG. Among her current research projects is a DLP-funded comparative study of women’s activism through coalitions in Papua New Guinea and Malaysia.


Pacific power: new femininities and women's leadership in the Pacific

24th June 2014

The educated, internationally connected women who are changing the way 'development' is done

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Education against the odds: the work of a women's coalition in Papua New Guinea

14th January 2016

PNG's BPW Port Moresby, a case study for a DLP research project, is an impressive example of local women networking without donor assistance to advance gender equity.

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Rules of thumb for women leaders in the Pacific, and beyond

22nd February 2018

Guest post for The Interpreter on 'Being the First'

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