Alina Rocha Menocal

Alina Rocha Menocal



Alina Rocha Menocal is a Senior Research Fellow in ODI’s Politics and Governance Programme, and a Senior Democracy Fellow at USAID. She is also a DLP Research Associate. From October 2014 to March 2016, she led DLP’s workstream on Political Settlements and the Politics of Inclusion.

Alina has particular expertise in the challenges of democratisation, links between democracy and development, state-society relations, and institutions and state-building. Her research interests focus on bridging the gap between research and policy, particularly when using political economy analysis to inform governance issues.


Time for a grown-up conversation about corruption

9th December 2014

To combat corruption, we need to understand the deeper political realities, power dynamics and social structures that perpetuate it.

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Parliamentary strengthening: the IDC report

9th February 2015

Parliaments - and the political parties that populate them - are the institutions people trust least. Guest post for ODI's Shaping Policy for Development blog.

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When the stars align to tackle inequality

18th February 2015

Reflections on the 2015 DLP annual conference.

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Using aid to strengthen Parliaments: fix the car, or worry about the driver?

24th November 2014

Parliaments have always been treated as the poor cousins of democracy assistance efforts. (Guest post for From Poverty to Power)

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Ghana's democracy is driving great progress in health and education

18th March 2015

We still don't know whether democracy drives development - or vice versa. Guest post for The Guardian

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Citizens plus engagement: Moving beyond slogans

20th March 2015

Give people the ability to engage, and they will change the world. Or will they? Guest post for Governance for Development.

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Inclusive political settlements: who and what gets included?

13th July 2015

DLP hosted a day-long high level introductory workshop on political settlements in June. This post introduces a series that showcases the contributions of researchers, policymakers and practitioners.

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Colombia's women, tried by war, find new power

15th October 2015

Women suffered most in Colombia's long civil war - but they also found a voice. Article in Foreign Policy

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The inclusiveness test: making change work

4th November 2015

Institutions that are inclusive of the broader population - and not just of elites - are an integral part of peaceful, prosperous and resilient states. Guest post for openDemocracy.

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Breaking new ground in parliamentary strengthening

29th March 2016

The importance of tailoring parliamentary support programmes to their context. (Guest post for openDemocracy)

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It's all about inclusion, but how?

6th April 2016

Shifting the focus of development intervention from form to the actual practice and distribution of power. (Guest post for the World Bank Governance for Development blog)

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Corruption? The developing world has bigger problems

26th April 2016

More nuanced anti-corruption work should focus on results - and even put up with some corruption if things are working well. (Guest post for Prospect)

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Elections: transformational, or blunt tools of representation?

8th September 2016

How do we explain the profound dissatisfaction with the quality of representation now manifest in democracies everywhere?

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Where do inclusive institutions come from? Lessons from Asia

27th February 2017

Societies with more inclusive institutions are more peaceful and more resilient, and tend to be better governed - but how do they get there?

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