Alex Frankel

Alex Frankel

Alex Frankel is an expert in narrative, research and commercial/social change campaigns, and is one of Australia’s leading pollsters and communications strategists.

He has worked as a consultant for private and public organisations in the United Kingdom, Australia, Aotearoa (NZ), and Asia-Pacific nations, and his experience encompasses policy development, evaluation, social change campaigns, whole-of-sector projects, and brand management. He has directed programs or research and communications for political parties, NGOs and corporations.

He and his story-based research, strategy and communications firm Frankly are working on innovative ways of applying communications theory to create positive, values-based campaigns that lead to commercial and social change.


Development - getting our story straight

20th April 2016

As a narrative specialist, I listen to the stories people tell about their work and their organisations. I help them find out whether their audiences are hearing what they want them to hear, or whether they need to tell the story differently or even find a new story to tell. And I think the development narrative is facing a big challenge just now – what we say we do often doesn’t reflect what we actually do.

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