Alex Cobham

Alex Cobham

Alex Cobham is Director of Research at the international Tax Justice Network. Over the last fifteen years Alex has held various policy and research posts, including as a research fellow at the Center for Global Development, as of chief policy adviser at Christian Aid and head of research at Save the Children (UK), and at Oxford as a junior economics fellow at St Anne’s college and as a researcher at Queen Elizabeth House.

Alex’s work has mainly focused on issues of taxation, horizontal and vertical inequality, and illicit financial flows. With Andy Sumner, he has proposed a new measure of inequality, the Palma.

Alex was on the advisory group for the UN’s thematic consultation on inequalities in post-2015, and the research advisory panel for the Pan African Inequalities conference.

On twitter: @alexcobham.


Uncounted: has the post-2015 data revolution failed already?

12th May 2015

The Stiglitz-Sen-Fitoussi report tells us that how we measure affects what we do; and if our measurements are flawed, decisions may be distorted.

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