Alan Whaites

Alan Whaites

Alan Whaites is Team Leader of the Governance for Development and Peace Team (G4DP), Global Partnerships and Policy Division, OECD-DCD. The team is responsible for supporting international development engagement on issues of governance, anti-corruption and conflict. It also works to improve collaboration and knowledge on reform through peer learning and south-south initiatives. G4DP's recent work includes studies on: illicit flows, working through country systems, innovation and a new guide for governance practitioners.

Previously he was Team Leader and Senior Governance Advisor and then Head of Profession, Governance, at DFID, where he promoted new work on public sector reform, political settlements and anti-corruption. He also oversaw the overhaul of the professional competency processes and standards for the profession. His began his career in international policy and advocacy and for five years was Director of World Vision's international advocacy team.



Political settlements: people and the landscapes of power

24th July 2015

The inescapable conundrum that politics involves actual politicians is one reason why the subject of political settlements generates so much debate.

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