Crowdsourcing as a research tool

Crowdsourcing as a research tool

How useful is crowdsourcing for research in conflict-affected areas? Suda Perera discusses this question in her new paper.

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The donor's dilemma

The donor's dilemma

Niheer Dasandi and Lior Erez suggest how donors can think politically about the difficult choices involved in aid for non-democractic yet 'developmental' governments.

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Collective Action

Collective Action

This new concept brief suggests issues for external actors to take into account in considering how - and whether - to support collective action.

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Developmental leadership: putting inclusiveness first

Inclusiveness should be the first step towards building more robust states.

Opinion by Seth D. Kaplan24th September 2015

International donors - aiding or abetting?

The 'donor's dilemma' is discussed in a new DLP paper.

Opinion by Niheer Dasandi, Lior Erez10th September 2015

Research methods and marshalling messy data: Dear Diary

The benefits of an old-fashioned research diary

Opinion by Suda Perera2nd September 2015

Masculinity and sexual violence in India

Will the shocking Nirbaya case shift attitudes?

Opinion by Martin Rew16th September 2015

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The Governance Practitioner's Notebook: new OECD resource

Thursday 8th October 2015

This new resource from the OECD-DAC Network on Governance, launched today, provides a collection of briefings for governance practitioners in development agencies. DLP's directors, Heather Marquette and David Hudson, are among the contributors.

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Attitudes towards aid and corruption

Wednesday 7th October 2015

DLP Director Heather Marquette and Deputy Director David Hudson present research on attitudes towards aid and corruption to the OECD's Anti-Corruption Task Team in Paris this week.

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